Founded by David Davies in 1966. The company's main focus was in demolition, utility work, and general construction. In 1970 the company shifted to the railroad industry primarily operating in the Southeast, where we cater to a wide array of companies in many diversified  fields. 


    Since we have been in business D.R. Davies Contractor has demolished over 70 water towers, completed several soil remediation jobs, and built a multitude of radial crane tracks. We have also built a vast amount of new industry tracks and rehabilitated many tracks as well. To date our largest tie project is 28,000. 


    Throughout the years we have assisted local main line railroads, but in 2005 we shifted almost fully to short line operations. Our short line functions are: storm clean up, track rehab, derailment repair, defect corrections, track inspection, and surfacing. We here at D.R. Davies Contractor take pride in the work we do. We will never sacrifice quality for quantity. Every job we do has at least one company share holder actively working, ensuring the highest quality of production.


    Our dedication to safety is priority # 1. Having worked in so many fields give us incite to obvious and unsuspecting dangers that loom around construction sites. Our safety record is impeccable. Our NCCI rating is 0.86.


    In our strive for excellence we work to not only better ourselves as individuals but as contractors to better serve the companies that employ us.